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The Night my wife got gang banged at the swingers club

Submitted by lonetrucker on October 30, 2011

My wife and i have been swingers for years. She wanted to go to the club on a Friday night when there are more single man. Told her that it would be fun for her After the birthday present she had given me a few weeks before. My wife up to that point had never let any guy cum in mouth because she said she was shore if she could handle that. So we got to the swingers club that night and it was snowing when we got there. dot the owner told my wife and i that there was to have been 10 couples and 15 single man. But we were the only couple there and there were 15 man single man down stairs in the club room. She told my wife that it would not be a good idea to go down there and try and only fuck to or three guys that she's out numbered and their not going to let her get away with her picking who gets to fuck her and who dose not and they would gang bang her.I told her myself she wouldn't be in control of who did what and where . She said she want to try it anyway no matter what. I said one last thing if someone dose something you don't like not get mad at me or the club you were told not to and you could leave right know the the guys would know you were here. But she said i have seen videos of what happens i want to do it. So She want down stairs and i waited a minute before i want down to join the the party. My wife was 32 yrs old and 5'7 brown hair that went about midway down her back, She was wearing a white blouse and white lace bra and a black short skirt and white bikini see thru panties and 4 inch high heels. when i got down stairs she was taking turns dancing with each guys and they were fondling her all over as each danced with her. they were running they hands up and down her back and caressing her ass as she caressed their ass as well. then then while she was slow dancing with one of the guys another guy came up behind her and the two were grinding up against her from the front and rear and they begin to feel her up he guy in front was kissing the left side of her neck and ear and the guy behind her was kissing the right side of her neck and ear as he begin fondling her tits thru her blouse and the guy in front slid his hand up under the front of her of skirt and you could hear her moaning as he finger fucked her pussy. Soon they had her blouse and bra off. the guy in back unbuttoned her skirt and unzipped it and pushed it down and off her hips leaving her standing there in just her panties. the rest of the guys had stripped of they cloths and were stroking their cocks and they stopped and moved a couch into the middle of the room and the two guys turned and lead her to the couch were two guys sat down on each side of her and help her kneel facing the back of the couch with her spread legs in between their legs so she couldn't close them. they began sucking on her tits as the last two guys stripped off their cloths . The guy who was in front of her knelt down and pulled her panties to one side and began licking and sucking on her clit as he finger fuck her till she came in his mouth. the group stood around watching and stroking their cocks as he took his big cock and worked it into her her pussy and began slowly fucking her feeding her an inch at a time till he was all the way in her. the guy that had behind her on the dance floor walked around the couch and pushed his cock into her mouth and grabbed her head and began fucking her mouth and the group divided in two groups and lined up in front and behind her to take their turns fucking her mouth or her pussy. The two guys fucking her first were both thrusting into her mouth and pussy at the same time. she was moaning around the cock in her mouth as the thick cock fucking her pussy made her cum. He said he was going cum and his cock started throbbing as he shoot his load of cum into my wife's pussy and the guy in her mouth stiffened as he held her head and said swallow baby as he shot his cum into her mouth she had no chose but to do it. i could see her throat trying to swallow his load of cum . She did not get it all as some of it leaked out around the corners of her mouth. he pulled out and said god your good at sucking cock as the next guys stepped up and pushed they cocks into my wife's pussy and mouth and began fucking her. She was in heaven from all the orgasums she was having because after the next guys shot their cum in her she said come on some body fuck my pussy and mouth now. we all continued to fuck her none stop till all of us had each fucked my wife's mouth and cum in it then we each fucked her pussy and filled it with cum. Then we took a brake and i took my wife to the bathroom were she got cleaned up and said you ok and she said yes. I said i cant believe you let every guy including me cum in your mouth and swallowed it all. she said i wish i had let you do that to me a long time ago. It not anything like i thought it would be the taste not bad and i really do like having cum shot into my mouth and fro now on any time you want a blow job i well be willing to let you cum in my mouth anytime i love you she and we kissed you could smell and taste the cum in her mouth. but that was not the end of the night. For the rest of the night my wife Yvonne was bent out tables and chairs and fucked on her back,her side from behind. She at one point was sitting on a guy ridding his a with a guy standing up fucking her mouth and third guy with a small skinny cock got behind her and worked his cock into her ass and three fucked her till they all came in her at the same time. then some guy with a bigger cock bent her over a table and worked his cock that was covered with cum after he had fucked her pussy some pulled out and worked it into her ass and began fucking her as some guy worked his cock into her mouth. they both shot their cum into her and pulled out i walked up behind my wife before she got up and stuck my cock into her cum filled pussy and began fucking her as she took yet another cock into her mouth and i pulled out and then fucked her tight ass and filled it with cum this was another first for my wife. tonight she learned to like to suck and swallow cum and she learned to like having her ass fucked. When the gang bang was over she had cum in her hair and shot in all her holes and shot all over her body. She slept from Saturday morning till Sunday morning. I asked if she felt better and if she had fun that weekend she said yes and that her holes were still a little sore. But she said i will never ever want to do that again. It was fun but that to much fucking. She sked me did you all fuck me in my ass because i was so horny i lost track of how many times i was fuck. I said yes you didn't stop this one guy with a little cock from fucking you in the ass and they began fucking with each cock getting bigger till the last one which was the biggest one and you kept tell they to keep going and they did and i fucked you ass as well. god was it get. she said well maybe in a couple of days you can fuck and cum in all my holes as we video tape it and we did it was great my wife went from being a hot swingers to a fucking hotter swinger.

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